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Welcome to Thornhayes Nursery Website

A combination of plantsmanship and commercial growing skills results in the production at Thornhayes Nursery of one of the broadest ranges in the UK. This range includes an extensive choice of broadleaf and coniferous amenity trees, hedging and choice shrubs, plus hundreds of tree fruit varieties.

Our trees are produced to a high quality, with emphasis on a sound root structure and a well formed crown, at a competitive price to appeal to both our wholesale and retail customers. All compost used at Thornhayes Nursery is totally peat-free.

Trees from Thornhayes Nursery are field and container grown, ranging from whip to heavy standard. We also offer multi-stemmed specimens, pleached trees, hedging including large plants for instant effect, clipped topiary and choice unusual shrubs.

The range we offer has been selected over 25 years for high resistance to pests and diseases and ability to perform well under the challenging conditions of the wet and windy South West.

Order your plants in a variety of ways — Visit the nursery and discuss with our staff. By telephone. By email. Even post a letter! Or just click below to place your order

A detailed catalogue and price list is published at the end of August every year. Our full range is described in it. Click below to access the catalogue

Dedicated courses on specific topics, along with certain events in partnership with other organisations, are run by Thornhayes. Find out more below

Oct 7, 2017
Thornhayes will have a display at Rosemoor on 7th and 8th October and Kevin will giving a talk about the English Apple each day
Jun 22, 2017
Catch Kevin talking to Toby Buckland on his BBC Radio Devon Gardening programme just after 11.00am this Sunday, 25th June